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quinta-feira, janeiro 12, 2006


12 January 2006, 6:00 pm U.S. ET:

Science has unconditionally retracted two published papers, W.-S. Hwang et al., Science 303, 1669 (2004) and W.-S. Hwang et al., Science 308, 1777 (2005), on the basis of the final report from the Investigation Committee of Seoul National University (SNU). Science has posted the editorial retraction to the Science Express website ( ). An excerpt may be found below:

"Because the final report of the SNU investigation indicated that a significant amount of the data presented in both papers is fabricated, the editors of Science feel that an immediate and unconditional retraction of both papers is needed. We therefore retract these two papers and advise the scientific community that the results reported in them are deemed to be invalid."

This statement has been added to the chronology of events that is available at the following locations:* * *